Cultural ANBI-status

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Stichting De Helling Utrecht has a cultural ANBI-status. An ANBI is an institution that devotes at least 90% of its efforts to the common good. An ANBI is exempt from gift tax. For a benefactor of an ANBI, this ANBI status means tax advantages in income tax and corporate tax.

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Code of Cultural Governance

Stichting De Helling Utrecht complies with the principles and best practice provisions of the Governance code Cultuur. It operates according to the ‘board+directorate’ model.

Bestuur De Helling

Gwen Peroti (chairman) – 16-02-2021 up to & including 16-02-2025
Jan-Willem Vroege (treasurer) – 15-03-2022 up to & including 15-03-2026
Evelien Martin – de Haas (secretary) 07-03-2023 up to & including 07-03-2027
Ronald Besemer (general member) – 01-02-2022 up to & including 01-02-2026
Tim Geertshuis (general member) – 25-05-2021 up to & including 25-05-2025

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Annual accounts 2023
Annual report 2023
Standard form publication requirement General ANBI (2023)

Anual accounts 2022
Annual report 2022