Box office, tickets & pin-only

This is how you pay at De Helling

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Selling points

De Helling’s only official points of sale of De Helling are: and our own physical box office at De Helling.

Our physical box office is only opened during paid events taking place at De Helling. You can see when these take place in our calendar.

For ticket-related questions, you can always contact us by sending an e-mail to

Please note: these days there’s a lot of websites that illegally sell tickets for events at De Helling. These tickets are often much more expensive than our official price. Additionally, we can’t guarantee that the tickets they sell aren’t fake. NEVER buy your tickets through such websites and please always check if the presale address is official. For more info, visit:


De Helling is pin-only. This means we can’t take accept cash at the physical box office, bar and cloakroom. Please take your pin- and/or creditcard.

Transaction fee

When purchasing tickets for De Helling, we charge a €2 transaction fee per ticket. This allows De Helling to partly cover the costs of ticketing. Of course, we always try to keep the transaction costs for visitors as low as possible. This is why we have opted for a fixed amount per ticket.


We scan your e-tickets from your phone. Printing your tickets isn’t necessary.

CJP discount

You receive a €2,50 discount on concerts and clubnights at De Helling with CJP! For quite some time the CJP pass has offered attractive discounts on culture for young people under 30 years of age. Therefore, De Helling can’t be left behind as CJP pass acceptor.

So how does it work? You receive the discount for every event with door sales. At the box office, simply show your CJP pass and your ID card. Events that have already sold out are not covered by this discount.

No CJP pass yet? Click here for more information and how to get it.

Podium Giftcard

De Helling is an official redemption point for the Podium giftcard. This giftcard is valid for all concerts and clubnights at De Helling. You can only redeem the card at our physical box office, and not when purchasing through our website. You can make a reservation in advance, in which case we’ll hold the tickets for you, and you can redeem them with your Podium giftcard on the day of the event. To do so, please send an e-mail to

Still have questions about the Podium giftcard? Please take a look at the frequently asked questions.
Please note: De Helling is only a redemption point for the Podium giftcard. A card can be purchased on the Podium giftcard website, or find a physical point of sale on this page.

Ticketswap Secure Swap

De Helling uses TicketSwap’s Secure Swap. This means that if you offer tickets for our shows via TicketSwap (e.g. if you are unable to attend), your original ticket will be invalidated and the buyer of your ticket will receive a new ticket with a different barcode. You can find more information about Secure Swap on the TicketSwap website.