An Evening With Romeo Stodart (The Magic Numbers)

Solo tour met niet eerder uitgebrachte songs

Romeo Stodart, leadzanger / songwriter van Londonse band The Magic Numbers, is solo op tour met nog niet uitgebracht materiaal.

The Magic Numbers heeft tot nu toe vijf veelgeprezen albums uitgebracht, waaronder de selftitled debuutplaat, de opvolger Those The Brokes, The Runaway 2010, Alias ​​2014 en hun meest recente album, 2018’s Outsiders.

"I’ve decided to do a few solo shows mainly because I’ve only ever done them a handful of times before so it’ll be a very different and challenging experience for me. I’ve got so many pieces of music that haven’t yet found a home as they’re not necessarily The Magic Numbers songs and I think it’d be a great opportunity to play them and bring them to life in front of people. I really want these shows to be unique, liberating, intimate and engaging. I need you to be there for them with an open mind and open heart. There’s nothing to fear as our band is FOREVER but I’m really excited by these dates. Hope you are too. You can hear what some of our songs sound like in the way they were first conceived or a new interpretation but the main emphasis will be on the new and the journey of the night.

Big love,
Hope to see you there."

Romeo x